Near Sawrey

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Raining tonight

This is the gate into Post Office meadow this morning before the sun burnt off the mist.

A christening in the village today at St Peters as Debbie and Drew christened their daughter Abbie, they had the celebrations at the Tower Bank Arms. Abbies auntie Heather brought us some christening cake, and good it was to.
A lady who parked in the yard in a big old Volvo had some tea and then tried to turn the Volvo round instead of backing out. As the crowd gathered to watch she became more and more flusterd, she almost took out the greenhouse and three innocent customers waiting to spend a penny. In the end I had to offer to back it out, in I got along with her disabled mother and three very large smelly dogs and managed to back out on to the road, how far she gets I'm not sure because the clutch was at it's wits end, hence her problems backing uphill,I nearly got a round of applause from the tea garden people spectating the event. One Aussie said he understood why her clutch was shot at judging by her prowess behind the wheel.

Before tea we went a walk through the Bishop and where amazed how the brackens are turning autumnal.
We went along this path then down into the village to Buckle Yeat to light the log fire, and just got home as the rain started. It's still raining as I write this.

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