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Saturday, September 03, 2005

D & V

Derek & Vicky arrived this morning just in time for breakfast, they are regular visitors to Buckle Yeat and have been coming to stay with us for almost 30 years,4 or 5 weeks a year,if we gave clocks for long service theirs would be ready for a refit by now.
This is a picture for Jan & Jeff, I'm pretty sure Derek will have sent them a gloating text by now.

Three points for England in the World cup qualifier (just)
A really nice day again, so when we finished had a walk to the fish farm for some prawns to put in to a savoury rice dish that Helen makes, then back to light the BBQ, gammon, delicious.

Who you looking at?

No luck on the lotto tonight so that means work tomorrow, watching Poland v Austria at moment great game, just finished 3-2 to the Poles, a draw would have been better for England

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