Near Sawrey

Monday, October 10, 2005

A calm but cloudy morning,I have just come back in after taking a couple of guests down to the ferry, they are off to spend the day in Windermere and will ring when they get back to this side of the Lake.
No vacancies tonight, just two rooms to arrive.

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Geoff & Jane said...

Dear Robert and Helen,

Thanks for the link to your blog & website. Great stuff!
I've only had a quick look but it looks very beautiful where you live.
I'll explore the archives when I get some time.

We're pleased you enjoy our blog, we enjoy doing the website, it gets us out and about.

Perhaps we can persuade you to try beautiful Benarrabá instead of Gaucín next year! Benarrabá is a wonderful pueblo with great views plus lots of bars & restaurants!

Thanks for writing.
Keep in touch & keep on blogging!
Best wishes to you both,
Geoff & Jane

PS tried your e-mail it kept returning with a failure notice?

Geoff & Jane Forster