Near Sawrey

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Football was rubbish today so we went a walk down to the lake after work. We cut through the farm holiday flats and had a talk with Gary who was waiting for his new guests to arrive to the flats. This first shot is across towards the Hawkshead trout farm, there was one or two boats out fishing and even a guy in one of those fishing rings, it's a bit like a life belt with leggings and you sit in it and away you go, it looks a bit dangerous for me and I am sure there is a technical name for it.

There was a vivid green algae around the lake shore, I have seen it before but not as bad as this. There are various theories for what causes it. I'm not sure if it has any detrimental effects on the fish or the fishing but it does not look pretty.

Lights out time so I will just go up to Buckle Yeat and switch them off, and lock up, and then bed.

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