Near Sawrey

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A really stunning sunny day, the Japanese artists where about all day, I went and had a word with them and some of their paintings were very good, when I said I was from Buckle Yeat they started taking pictures of me,(ah fame).
Finshed quite early and we all went a walk, Matthew Helen & Me, we walked down the Dub and through to Cunsey, then along the shore of Windermere,back up towards the church and then back home, about 2 hours.

Helen took this picture from a viewing point on the shore of Windermere.

A couple of swans feeding on Windermere

We came across these fungi on the footpath from the bottom of Can Brow through to Low Cunsey.

This is a plaque situated as the text suggests on the shores of Windermere, e-mails please if you know where.

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