Near Sawrey

Saturday, November 12, 2005

A bright sunny day, so after cleaning out the gutters a walk was the order of the day.
We set off up Stoney Lane and met Paul doing some walling, we had a chat to him and then on past Moss Eccles. Three swans seem to have turned up on the tarn all of a sudden, the last pair had all sorts of problems raising young and then one was killed, a fox being the most likely candidate.We went down a very slippery path to Belle Grange and then back along the lake shore past Harrowslack and up ferry hill.
The walk took longer than usual because we kept meeting locals.

This a stream coming down off Claife Heights.

A tranquil view across Windermere, not many boats moving about the lake.
I don't know what sort of tree this is but what a stunning show of colour.
Back down to Sawrey and Helen went straight home while I made the fire up, we were in a rush to get the joint of beef into the oven for tonights supper. My brother Alan is coming over for a couple of nights so we will be pitching up at the pub tonight.
We are just watching the England game and they are under pressure.

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