Near Sawrey

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

One out of the blue today, dry and sunny.
I went to Ulverston this morning and picked Alan up at home, we were off to a funeral,my best mate from years ago had sadly lost his wife, she was only 48 and they had been married for 31 years I was their best man all them years ago. All funerals are sad but this more so because of her young age.

This Estwhaite Water with the fells in the background

Feeding time at Belle Green Farm

This is Moss Eccles peeping through the trees.
Helen went over the tops and come across a lot of vehicles and people,there was a pheasant shoot just below the tarn, we had seen the pegs last week but we did'nt know what was on, apparently the last time there was a shoot up there was 40 years ago.

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