Near Sawrey

Monday, November 07, 2005

We called in at Ambleside chose a pair of boots and headed for Elterwater, we parked up and set of in sunshine.
through the village and the up a track that was more of a beck than a footpath, plenty of walkers about.

This is Little Langdale Tarn with Wrynose pass in the background.

Yours truly on Slaters Bridge, we crossed the bridge and walked down to the ford back across the river, we decided to carry on a bit further and take a look at Colwith Force.

Photogenic sheep posing for a family shot.

Colwith Force and there was plenty of water rushing down today. We carried on a bit further and joined the road back to Elterwater just as the heavens opened and we sheltered against a barn wall, the rain eased so we carried on back into the village.
A sandwich and a pint of Coniston Bluebird in the Britannia Inn which was packed out and then home.
The new boots were just beginning to hurt so it was good to take them off.

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