Near Sawrey

Saturday, December 31, 2005

A damp grey New Years Eve, Helen & her mum have been busy preparing goodies for the party tonight at Buckle Yeat.
We never managed to get a walk, the rain worsened, so spent an hour with the papers and kept tabs on the footy, Crouch on target again as Liverpool make it 10 in a row and bad news Newcastle and England with Michael Owen breaking a bone in his foot.

I took some shots of all the guests for a bit of a laugh I have planned for later on tonight, Denis and Margaret will be involved, but they don't know it yet, this is them in their lounge this afternoon.
A couple of New Year greetings have come through,one from a couple from Scotland Anne & Robin who where here for a couple of days after Christmas and enjoyed their break. They set off home in the worst of the snow but made it home safely.

I would just like to wish everybody a Happy New Year and take plenty of water with it.

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