Near Sawrey

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Quite a busy breakfast, 12 in all.
Football at lunch time,a ridiculous time for kick off, but never mind, Liverpool won 3-0 went to the 2nd place in the league, if only for a couple of hours.It was plain to see Crouch would score today because Matthew missed getting a bet on with his grandad.
After the match we went for a walk up the tops and kept a look out for some branches for the Christmas decorations in Buckle Yeat, we have sorted out what we need and will get them next week.

The rally went ahead and we could hear them all day, I believe there was a need for the rescue helicopter to take one of the competitors to the local hospital, hopefully everything turned out ok.
We have some guests in who are staying with us for the first time, the lady told me her maiden name was Kirby and then in conversation it turned out her husband and I went to the same primary school in Liverpool over 40 years ago, spooky.

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