Near Sawrey

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It has poured down all night and has continued most of the day.
We went to Kendal to get the final items for Matthew's trip. Kendal was very quiet, no wonder in that weather.
This first picture is on the Bowness side of the ferry.

Radio Cumbria news said the Coniston to Ulverston road was closed due to flooding and the primary school in Grasmere was starting to flood and parents were told to pick up their children asap.

These pictures where taken between Near & Far Sawrey, Sawrey means low lying land. liable to flood and it is easy to see why there are no houses between the villages.
The rain has stopped and the wind is really getting up now. This time last year was the big storm when a lot of trees were damaged and the terrible floods occurred in Carlisle

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