Near Sawrey

Sunday, May 21, 2006

A sunny start to the day but the rain was with us at lunchtime, a steady day with teas but we have a couple of rooms free tonight.
Pete and Lynn left this morning after a walk up to Latterbarrow.

Matthew was online this evening and he had a better microphone at last so we were able to talk rather than type, at the same time he was sending us pictures and we were sending him some, oh and at the same time he was typing messages to his cousin Rachel.
He sent this great shot of him Sarah and some fellow traveler's on the salt plains in Bolivia, they are in Chile at present and have a long bus trip booked to the coast tonight to the second biggest city in Chile called Valparaiso, a world heritage site, well that's the info I found out on google.

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Anonymous said...

At first glance they look like skydivers.