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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hola from Argentina!
We are currently in Bariloche in the Lake District. Snow capped peaks and big lake nearby so the views are like postcards. Bit chilly and snow is expected in the next few days. Today is wet so we are watching some World Cup and lazing in the hostel. Yesterday we got up for the England match at 10am and then went for lunch. Then we went to the pub (Irish of course) and watched the Argentina match with the locals. Found it a bit hard to cheer for them but it was a good atmosphere. Lots of people in cars beeping horns and lots of flags etc. after the game - can't wait to see what its like when they play some big games!
Went for a meal with a gang of people from the hostel last night and tried the famous steak. They cook it on a massive BBQ, really amazing food. Filet steak (half portion was plenty), chips, salad and wine all for about 5 pounds. No photos sorry but can't put them on this computer.

Adios, Matthew & Sarah

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