Near Sawrey

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's back to the dreary days, heavy clouds although the sun is trying to get out.
Judy and her mum Dorothy left this morning, a helium balloon saying thank you and a box of chocolates were adorning their breakfast table this morning, very kind of them.

We have had a gentleman in for coffee today who tells me he is the great great grandson of Mr Postlethwaite aka Farmer Potatoes of Beatrix Potter fame, he was happy to have his picture taken, he and his girlfriend are on a motorcycle holiday in the Lakes

Flag Iris at the side of Cunsey beck

There was a road race around Esthwaite Water tonight, rather them than me.

It turned out a sunny evening again, better late than never, apparently it poured down in Ambleside and Hawkshead but stayed dry in Sawrey

We took a walk down the dub and through by Cunsey then back up passed the church and along the footpath back into the village.

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