Near Sawrey

Sunday, July 30, 2006

After yesterdays rain the sun returned, not a hot day but really pleasant.
A couple of rooms vacant tonight and we let one late afternoon so only the one left tonight.

Teas were quite steady and we had the plan if it went quiet we would try to get up on to Claife Heights in time to watch the Red Arrows who were due to arrive at 5:30.
We were a bit late in getting away and we would have to hurry, just as we were setting off behind Sawrey Hotel Paul, Jane and their three children picked us up in the Landrover, Janes dad was in too so it was a full vehicle.
Paul drove all the way to the very top of Scale Ivy, Ted & Helga were already there and we were followed up by Johnny, Rachel and their two children.

We had the most perfect view of a wonderful spectacle, the kids were amazed.
We set off on foot home in time for tea.

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