Near Sawrey

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I could get use to this weather, not to hot overnight but nice and sunny all day, Matthew and Sarah arrived safe and well into Heathrow this morning and we have had a quick talk on the phone, he will be home into Sawrey on Tuesday.
I'm sure he will be surprised to see his gran working on the computer, these silver surfers get everywhere.

A steady day with teas and a few takers on the new strawberries and cream promotion, a couple in No5 told me they had been troubled by a lot of wasps overnight,I had a quick look in the loft and sure enough a large wasps nest is there.The man who makes his living dealing with such things will be here tomorrow,I have only spoke to him on the phone but he seems a bit of a character, he said he will be here as soon as he can in the morning, his first job of the day is digging a grave.

We had a walk before tea tonight and all the lads are busy in the hay fields, the weather is perfect for them.

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