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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It has been a busy day in Sawrey and we are back to work with a vengeance.
All our guests arrived early and all but one couple have stayed a number of times before.
Matthew was on the MSN messenger service this afternoon but we just missed him, he and Sarah are in Rio at the moment and I think they are finding the change from Spanish to Portugese a bit challenging, I believe Portugese is hard language to master.
I have just had a word on the phone to Pete & Lynn, two of the New Year gang, they had rung the other day but we missed them.
When we finished tonight the drizzle arrived and put paid to a walk, so here is a few shots from our short trip to Spain

This is a picture of me in a relaxed mode taking in some much needed liquid.

We went on one of our favorite drives through the cork forest, they were bust with the harvest and as the picture shows the old ways are still the best.

On our first full day we bumped into Geoff and Jane Forster who live in a beautiful village in Spain, it was the first time we had met, Geoff writes a blog and in fact inspired me to start this one, they took a picture of me and Helen for their blog so we had to get our back and here they are. We only chatted for a couple of minutes but it was nice to meet them.
They have a property to rent in the village.
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Geoff & Jane said...

The tables are turned ...

It was good meeting you both.

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