Near Sawrey

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A couple of no shows last night, I sat up till midnight and they never did show up. We have a telephone number that does not work so we are unable to ring them, we do have a credit card number that does work so no doubt we will hear from them in due course. You do wonder what could have happened for them not to turn up and not contact us to cancel.
It was very busy this morning,long queues in the rain for Hill Top resulting in lots of people waiting for their timed ticket entry, Buckle Yeat is the place to wait.

So far lots of flowers on the marrow plant but no sign of any marrows forming, that is till today, at least one is starting to grow, better late than never, but not much time till the marrow show so I will not be troubling the judges in the heavy class, I was always a bit late in planting them.

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