Near Sawrey

Thursday, September 14, 2006

It was the Westmorland County Show today in Kendal, it could not have been wetter, rain from first thing till late afternoon. We had some guests who spent the day there and said getting off the showfield was proving a problem with vehicles stuck in the mud.
The power has gone off this evening in part of the village, we are ok at Buckle Yeat but at home we are off, I had a walk to sub-station and spoke to the guy trying to sort it out, he was quite pleased with him self because he had traced the fault, great I thought, then he told me the problem is slap bang in the middle of our drive at home.
It's 10pm and we are waiting for a digger to arrive and proceed to dig up the drive, I think it might be late night. They say the joint has been affected by water, the recent flooding still seems to be causing us problems.

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