Near Sawrey

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Just the one room changed this morning.
Peter the plumber arrived to advise on our forthcoming bathroom refurbishment plans.
By the time he left we decided to leave the tearoom closed and head into Kendal do the shopping and go into the plumbers merchants and begin the process of cost estimates and delivery dates for the job.

We had an e-mail from Jan & Jeff telling us about Buckle Yeat being on one of their favorite sites that they check every day ie I will put a link in the side bar tomorrow.

Liverpool have won 2-0 against Newcastle tonight, Xabi Alonso only scores from his own half, did you see it Geoff in Benerraba.

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Rob said...

With all the refurbishment work we had done at Fair Rigg, I don't envy you going through that ... good luck with the research though!