Near Sawrey

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A customers unusal mode of transport yesterday.

After we had finished breakfast and the rooms we had to go to Barrow in Furness, I have an auntie who had been admitted to the hospital and we had 1000+ ceramic tiles to pick up for the new bathrooms.

When we got to tile warehouse the tiles were on a pallet outside, of course they had been drenched with some heavy showers and the boxes just dropped to pieces, great fun trying to manhandle them into the car,I managed to get half of them in and will get the rest next week.

Auntie Margaret looked poorly but was being well cared for and was quite bright.
Barrow lived up to it's nickname the windy city, it was blowing a hoolie down there.

This a floating restaurant in the dock at Barrow.
We did the weekly shop and headed home, the roads were very busy and as we got closer to home the wind dropped and the clouds gathered.

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