Near Sawrey

Friday, October 20, 2006

A dry start to Friday, so I took the opportunity to treat the front path and paved areas of Buckle Yeat with Algon. It is a solution you mix with water and then using a watering can just spray on any surfaces that are growing algae, the Algon then gets to work and in a few days it just eats all the algae and leaves the surface clean, it beats getting the power washer out.

Another job today has been the VAT returns, all up to date now, I just have to pay the bill before the end of the month.
Denis & Margaret have gone to Ulverston, they have taken their car in for it's MOT
and get a couple of new tyres.

I had to go down to Hawkshead this afternoon and in passing had a word with three likely lads busy constructing the new club house at the Hawkshead bowling club they tried to recruit me as a member, I have put a link to their site in the side bar.

This the boys when they did not know I was taking a picture

This is Alan,Gordon and Eddie when they knew I was taking a picture, to be fair the first one was brew time.

I have added another link in the side bar which directs you to the local weather forecast.

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