Near Sawrey

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It has been a fantastic sunny day after a really windy wet night.
We had to go into Kendal to try and pick some lights for the new bathrooms, it is a bit of a nightmare with all the regulations and trying to get different rated fittings that match.I think we have sorted out the ones we want, we will now try to sort out a price.

We tried to go across the ferry but when we got down there of course it was out of action, to be fair the level of the lake was high and it was still blowing hard.

The views were stunning today and Helen took these pictures at the ferry while I turned the car round.

Halloween tonight and we have some sweets ready in case any of the village kids come round trick or treating.
The ladies have had a scary pumpkin competition at the Sawrey Stores, not sure how many entries there were.

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