Near Sawrey

Friday, October 13, 2006

It was a real misty foggy morning early on but the sun soon burnt of the gloom and it has been a fine sunny day.

Waiting in the gloom for some breakfast.

I got the lawnmower out and cut all the grass at Buckle Yeat, at home, and Denis & Margarets,it surely is the last cut of the season.
We are at full capacity tonight 13 guests on Friday 13th.
There is an article in the Westmorland Gazette about the new Beatrix Potter film which is due out on 5th January (Denis's birthday)Rene Zelwegger is being tipped for an Oscar nomination,early signs of how much hype will accompany the film, great publicity for Sawrey.

A couple have just checked into the Tower Bank Arms, they have brought with them a pet pea hen in a cage, it is a bird they rescued as a chick and it now thinks the lady is its mum, Anthony is glad to report it will sleep in the car.

Mine host @ TBA Anthony with his latest guest Claudia

We called in early doors for a pint at the TBA, it was very busy, the owners of the pea hen aka said Claudia was well and had settled down in the back of the car.

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