Near Sawrey

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sorry to rave about the weather, but again it has been an absolute corker.
We had a full breakfast room and a few guests left and although we had a room free we got a phone call early on and let the room to a couple who were touring around, when they arrived it turned out the lady was American and her husband Danish and they live in Denmark. They had made a detour to visit Blackpool because she had heard so much about it, she told me she will not be returning to the Golden Mile.

A family arrived at the Tower Bank in this vintage car, I was one of many people taking a picture.

A view of the more select part of Near Sawrey.

After a walk we called at Buckle Yeat to make up the fire, a gentleman came into the car park asking where Hill Top was, I recognised him as the guy of "Flog It" the TV program,of course I asked him if he was going to "Flog It" I bet he has never heard that joke before!!

I missed the chance to get a picture I should have said I wanted to "Blog It"
I have to admit I did not know the gentleman's name but have found out he is called Paul Martin and the BBC are doing a program in the area very soon.

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