Near Sawrey

Friday, October 06, 2006

Sunshine and showers but boy what showers!
Mr McGregor has moved on, the shop mangeress at Hill Top has taken him on loan for a display in the shop, I will get a picture when it is all set up.
The weather was preventing us sitting him outside, we have raised a total of £190 and we will bring him back next summer and start again.
I will drop a line to the couple who made him, I am sure they will be pleased to know he is actually on display at the home of Beatrix Potter.

As I said yesterday the ladies at Sawrey Stores have started a blog and I have put a link to it on the right of this page, take a look.

We have two rooms free tonight which is strange for a Friday but we fill up tomorrow and have a busy week ahead.
Derek and Vicky will be here early tomorrow, their 5th visit, a suprise awaits them but I better keep mum in case they read this, Derek is planning to get on-line and might have done so without telling us.

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