Near Sawrey

Saturday, November 04, 2006

It was a frosty night but a thaw set in after midnight and this morning it was overcast and dreary.
A full house this morning and all up for breakfast bright and early.
I took the ladder next door to the Tower Bank and changed the bulb above the door Anthony held the ladder while I climbed up, the butcher cheered me up by saying "be careful look what happened to Rod Hull" charming.

The rotary iron is on it's last legs and we will have to source a steam press, they seem to be the thing, we have no idea which is the best and have never used one.

This a taken on Rawlinson Nab

We had a good walk this afternoon down to Cunsey and along the shore of Windermere and then back up past the church before heading home.

This horse is in a field down by the Dub Cottages, I think it belongs to Dawn who lives in the village.

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