Near Sawrey

Friday, November 17, 2006

It's been a good day on the bathroom front with a good lot of progress made, we had two builders two plumbers and a joiner at one point.
We got the water on just as the weekend guests arrived and we had the heating on all day.

This is an update of the the ongoing work, this room should have all the tiles on by Monday night.
Pete and Lynn, some of the New Year gang are here this weekend with Lynn's cousin.
The other two guests we have in this weekend are a blast from the past,they and their family have connections with Sawrey going back many years,it is awhile since we met them and we did not know it was them until they arrived.

Denis and Margaret went off to Hawkshead this morning for their annual flu jab and then on to Kendal for a hair appointment.
We had a few heavy hail showers this afternoon and it has definitely gone cooler.

The dining room yesterday.

The dining room tonight.

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