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Friday, December 08, 2006

At last a dry sunny day and at last the bathrooms are finished, I promise these are the last pictures.

This the downstairs room before the work

And after the work.

We had a busy day as the joiners did not get finished till lunchtime and just to cap it all we had the dreaded hotel inspector from the tourist board,I know they have a job to do but trying to tell Helen how to run a B&B is like teaching your Granny to suck eggs.

We got the Christmas tree launched at Buckle Yeat but will have to sort out the wall lights at the front door tomorrow.
We should have been full but had a late cancellation, one couple out of a six party had to pull out due to illness, they sent a couple of bottles of wine by way of an apology, there was no need for that but it was appreciated. A couple of regulars had rung up midweek for Saturday night so we gave them a ring and they are coming to take the vacant room.

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