Near Sawrey

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Back on breakfast duties this morning, while we were setting up this morning I heard a knock knock and thought it was a guest try to wake her mum in the downstairs room, I heard it again and thought I would tell her we had a spare key if she was worried about mum so I opened the first door and no one was there, I then heard the old lady shouting for help, the poor old dear had sat on the bed and slipped onto the floor and was unable to get back up. I fetched her daughter and we managed to get her back on her feet and she was fine if not a bit embarrassed.

We had a visit today from god daughter Ellie with presents for us all, Luckily Helen had wrapped her Christmas presents up yesterday.

Denis and Margaret went and did their duty up at the children Christmas party in Braithwaite Hall, I think there was about 36 children. He looked the part in the new Santa suit.

It has been dry all day but not as cold as expected.
I watched the Liverpool game and was pleased to see another win, mind you Charlton were very poor.

Margaret was chaperone for Denis and took my camera to the party.

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