Near Sawrey

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A much brighter day, we had to go to Barrow this morning and take back the unused tiles for a refund. The bath panels arrived at last and when they have been fitted the job is complete, just in time because we are full this weekend.

The river Leven was in full spate, this is just below the bridge that gives its name to Newby Bridge.

We took a detour and took these pictures in Backbarrow, the Whitewater Hotel is on the site of former industrial buildings that used the river as a form of power, first there was a cotton mill and then it was used to make Dolly Blue a dye and a type of detergent, apparently it was called Reckitts Blue, Dolly Blue being a rival firm, locally though people called it the Dolly Blue works. I remember as a child before the Backbarrow bypass was built going through the village and as kids we loved seeing all the blue buildings, the stuff got everywhere.

We called at Stribers farm on the way home and bought the Christmas Tree for outside Buckle Yeat, all the way to Barrow we saw signs for "Xmas" trees,we were looking for Christmas trees.

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