Near Sawrey

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The rain continues to fall, it has been the worst weather we have had for years, I know the lake district is prone to the odd shower but this is ridiculous. On the TV the other day it said 7" of rain had fallen on Honister Fell in a 12 hour period, that's a lot of water.

We went to Kendal this morning and the local authority seem to be keeping the drains clear so the roads are ok but the rivers are in full spate and Windermere and Esthwaite Water are full to the brim. It goes without saying the ferry is out of commission, two weeks ago you had to drive uphill to board so now it must be impossible.If you check the ferrycam you can see Windermere is almost on the road.

Kendal was quiet, probably due to the weather,we did a little bit of the festive induced shopping, it would be a doddle if you knew what to buy.
We also ordered the carpet for the stairs,the next thing to source is the wallpaper.
Buckle Yeat is back in action tomorrow, so we will be preparing for incoming guests.

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