Near Sawrey

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Busy busy busy, we are still at it, papering and painting the staircase and the lounge at Buckle Yeat.It seems incredible that last Wednesday the joiner had not arrived and this Wednesday we have papered the staircase and even painted the wall that had to be taken out and replaced in the lounge.

At last a little bit of sunshine today, a steady stream of "Potter Hunters" as we call them wandering round the village, Miss Potter the movie is going to make Sawrey even more popular, in fact yesterday yet another film crew were in the village and in the the Tower Bank Arms.

Denis rang last night and he has had a lucky escape with a con man in Spain, suffice to say it was a good job he had his wits about him or should I say Margaret did. No harm done.
Matthew has a couple of days off and this morning he went to meet up with a mate over in Langdale and this afternoon he has gone to see Sarah in Lancaster.

Football!!! I hate it, till next time.

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