Near Sawrey

Friday, January 19, 2007

We are off out tonight to the Sawrey Hotel, there is a Burns night supper on in aid of The Sawrey Institute. Haggis, piper and all the trimmings.
The bar at the hotel is called the "Claife Crier" below is a excerpt from the Sawrey Hotels web site.

"The old stables were altered to a bar in 1971, now known as the Claife Crier Bar - this is named after the local ghost of legend,who is believed to be the ghost of a monk from Furness Abbey in Medieval times, whose mission was the rescue of a fallen woman. He apparently fell in love with one who rejected him and he went mad, dying, crying his anguish on the heights of Claife, which his ghost has haunted ever since. On one occasion, the ferryman mistook his cry for a call, and he went out for his fare. When he returned, his hair had turned white and he never spoke again. Subsequently, the ghost was exorcised and his spirit confined to the quarry known as the Crier of Claife Quarry"
I will take some pictures tonight. (of the Burns night not of the ghost)

The carpet fitters are busy with the new stairs carpet today, a father and daughter team doing the work.

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