Near Sawrey

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A busy day getting ready for the incoming guests tomorrow, no matter how much time you allow it always goes down to the wire.

We had the fire alarm people in today installing a new control box and they had a few problems and they did not finish till 7 O,clock.
Helen has been busy making new curtains for the landing and I have been painting the the last of the woodwork on the stairs.

We had a couple of parcels recently, one from a guest who lives in Canada, his name is Michael and he sent us a page from the travel section of the Toronto Star and guess what a big feature on the area because of "Miss Potter".Apparently whilst they were filming the crew and cast often popped in to the Tower for lunch, hmmm I wonder who told the reporter that one

The other parcel we got came from Japan and it was guide book covering most of England and lo and behold a feature on Sawrey with a picture of me and Helen on the front door step of Buckle Yeat, fame.

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