Near Sawrey

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It has been a stunning Saturday with blue skies and warm temperatures, we had 8 in for breakfast, nice and easy to get us back in the swing.

Two rooms due to arrive today and one of them got here at lunchtime, the others are coming over from Dublin so it will depend on the boat times.

The grocery delivery man let us down with mushroom order so I had a walk on to Sawrey Stores and bought Annie's stock from her, it took me a while to get there I kept bumping into different locals who wanted to talk. Sheila from Whinfell called in to say hi and had a coffee with Helen while I was went to the shop.

No football for the mighty Reds(we are out of the cup), I will keep and eye on Preston against Man City tomorrow, Denis will not be straying far while thats on.

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