Near Sawrey

Thursday, February 08, 2007

There was more snow in Sawrey than in Lancaster. I was quite surprised to come home and see a thin covering. It has gone really cold tonight, it is going to be icy tomorrow. I had a walk up the road and took some photos, there was a rabbit in the second photo but i think it ran behind the trees before I could take it.

I read something on the internet today saying that because of the Miss Potter film and the hype about the the South Lakes (one of the trendiest places in the world!), popular baby names in 2007 are going to be Rydal, Kendal, Lonsdale, Newby, Ambleside (poor child), Wray and Rothay. Not entirely sure if they will be boy or girl names or both. The funniest bit I read is that Sawrey is also going to be a popular girls name and Tom Cruise's new baby was mistakenly called Suri instead of Sawrey!


Nicola said...

That sounds like a greta story (re baby names). Where did you see that?
Nicola, North West Evening Mail

Buckle Yeat said... - If you write an article, make sure you mention Buckle Yeat! ;-)