Near Sawrey

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I went to Manchester Airport yesterday, sadly not to jet off to the sun, but on the the bright side to bring Denis & Margaret back to reality after their winter on the costa del sol.
I had a good clear run down and back with no traffic problems.

Today Terry and his mate Rob came to cut a couple of big fir trees down, we planted them in 1989 and they have got far to big. They also took a lot of boughs out of the big laurel at the bottom of the garden.

As they were.




We will buy some small compact shrubs and set to and replant this part of the garden and keep it under control.
Whilst I had the boys there we took another big fir tree out of the garden at Denis & Margaret's.

After the tree felling we still managed a walk down to to the fish farm, the nights are getting lighter and it makes you feel like you want to be outdoors.

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george hoggarth said...

Hi their nice to see all these pictures of the Sawrey and Esthwaite area and also the news that goes with them. I beleive you are Liverpool supporters so terribly sorry about the result last w/end O'Shea is a good player!