Near Sawrey

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This was first thing this morning on my way to work.

More sunshine means more painting but I am glad to report we have just about finished, just a couple of doors to gloss and we will be all spick and span for the start of the tea season, Saturday.

Denis and Margaret have been off to get a car load of pansies for the hanging baskets, he even brought back more baskets, they had to drive back via Ambleside because the ferry was off again, it is back on as I write this.

The footy was pretty dire tonight although England won with the best player Stevie G grabbing a brace and Nugget Nugent scoring from what might be called point blank range.

The sky has gone very dark and I think we are in for some rain, just got the painting finished in time.
We are busy tonight with only one room free, just a foursome left to arrive,

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