Near Sawrey

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This is Tower Bank House which is clear for all to see after all the trees in the garden have been felled. the National Trust own this property and are attempting to let it to a new tenant.
The village is rife with rumours about the National Trust and Sawrey House pictured below, I heard today, it is true.

A very tense match at Anfield tonight, Liverpool lost the game but won the tie and the last 15 minutes seemed to go on for ever.

Helen had to go to Kendal today and unfortunately although the ferry was operating early on I think the heavy rain overnight had caused the lake level to rise so the ferry was taken out of service.
I replaced the security light at Buckle Yeat this afternoon, these PIR sensors have a life of their own and they do not like water getting in to the sensor.

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