Near Sawrey

Thursday, March 15, 2007

We had a bit of a boon day in the garden this morning clearing a lot of rubbish from the ground that had become redundant beneath the trees we had felled earlier this week.

This afternoon I replaced the outside light that was about to fall, I will put the other one up as soon as I can get some cable.
Matthew is on his way back from Coventry after attending the next stage in a job application, fingers crossed.

The lake district has featured big on the local news today, a visit from the Princess Royal, she was in Grasmere this morning and Penrith this afternoon. I think it was the mayor of Penrith who when being presented to The Princess he gave a regal nod of the head but he had his hand in pocket like he was meeting a mate in the street.

The other feature was a caravan site, which will remain anonymous that is planning to plant some plastic daffodils for Easter because they are worried the real things will be past their best by then.

The weather forecast is talking about getting colder with a chance of snow, let's hope not.

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