Near Sawrey

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another bright start but it went really cold late morning and we had to open the tea rooms as opposed to tea garden, although there's nowt as queer as folk, people were coming in the front door asking if they could sit outside and at the same time people were coming down into the tea garden and asking if they could sit inside.

We had a serious sounding phone call for Derek and Vicky this morning, we did not have Derek's mobile number so we rang a couple of customers who we know are on Derek's text list,it was good to speak to both Janet and Carole in different parts of the south of England and between them we managed to ring Derek, however unbelievable to those who know him Derek did not check his messages all day.When they came in at the end of the day we passed the message on and thankfully the news was not as bad as we feared.

The ambulance that went through yesterday at a pace was headed to ferry hill to pick up the pieces of a cyclist going a bit to fast down to the ferry.

Moss Eccles for a walk this evening, we never saw a soul.

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