Near Sawrey

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another sunny Sawrey day with plenty of Miss Potter hunters in the village.
Denis has changed all the hanging baskets on the front of Buckle Yeat, the tulips have been replaced by pansies.

We had a visit today from Lynne and Andrew from Trawden, they are couple who made the Mr McGregor who we sit on the bench to raise money for the playground, he is doing very well and averaging over £10 a day in his plant pot, Denis spied somebody put some money in the watering can by his side and thought he would check and see if other people had done the same, lo and behold there was over a £5 in the watering can.

Lynne and Andrew brought Helen a really nice gift, a hand made needle case that Lynne had made herself.

There was a christening in Far Sawrey this afternoon, Ricky and Amanda had their son christened in St Peters and then they all ended up at the Tower Bank Arms.

Denis gave Phillip (formerly of Tower Bank) a ring to see how he was, he is out of hospital and hopefully on the mend, all the best Phil get well soon.

After work we headed up to Moss Eccles for a walk, Matthew came with us as the picture proves.

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