Near Sawrey

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The big party we have in for the weekend, aka The Beverly Sisters, sprung a surprise this morning when David who was celebrating his Ruby wedding donned a sumo suit and presented his wife Hazel with a ring.

A couple of shots of what happens if you eat too many of Helen's Buckle Yeat full english breakfasts

This is a team picture of the group we have always known as the Beverly Sisters they have been coming for many years as a large group or in groups of two and threes and naturally have different surnames so we started to affectionately referring to them as the Beverly Sisters so we would get confused by who was who when the booking was made. The last time some of them were here doing a recce for this trip they had me look in the diary and confirm the dates, of course when I showed them the booking the nickname was out of the bag, they took it as a huge joke and often refer to it.

By the way the weather warmed up quite a bit as the day went on.

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