Near Sawrey

Friday, April 13, 2007

It has been like a summers day today with wall to wall sunshine, no teas today as Hill Top is closed, however there has been a steady stream of Potter hunters, they all are very upset when they find it is closed.

Catherine aka Miss Potter led a Beatrix inspired walk this morning, some guests managed to take part but others were disappointed as there was a limit on numbers.

Matthew is away at Sarah's this weekend but will have to be back for work first thing in the morning.

We took delivery of a liquid polish today, Anthony from the TBA ordered it for us, he uses it on the flag floor at the pub, so we have used it on the flag floors in Buckle Yeat and on our slate floor at home, it is great stuff and leaves the floor with a lovely shine.

We had a quick stroll up to the tarns before tea.

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