Near Sawrey

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A blustery cool sort of a morning, we have a party of 12 in Buckle Yeat for a few days, they are all retired and from around the Morpeth area of Northumberland,they are a good bunch and it is their first time staying with us. The plan is now they disperse and pass on the word about Buckle Yeat and return with other members of their families, well that's the master plan.

We had a drive to Morecambe this afternoon for some bedding plants, Tommy on Morecambe market is the man, a real character. Denis & Margaret went on Tuesday but could only get so many in the car.
We never saw any rain until we got back to Graythwaite and we then ran into a proper downpour.

There has been a Hound Trail meeting on Post Office meadow tonight, it did not look a big turnout, due to the weather I,m sure, there is another meeting on Sunday afternoon and lets hope they get a better day but it does not look to good going by the forecast.

These are a couple of early morning shots of the clematis at Buckle Yeat (not this morning)

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