Near Sawrey

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Breezy and sunny again today, wonderful weather for the time of year,we had an email from two of the New Year gang John and Margaret, their daughter Alyson gave birth to a baby boy last night, a brother for Holly.

There was a group of Japanese people around very early I think they were journalists and they asked if they could get in the tea garden early so we opened up a bit sooner than usual.

A police car followed by a fire engine went speeding through the village towards Far Sawrey with their sirens wailing, I'm not sure were they are headed, as I write this the fire engine has gone back through at a more leisurely pace so whatever it was has thankfully not been too serious.
Disregard that last statement I have just taken a call from a American guest who is due to arrive and he tells me the road from the ferry to Sawrey is blocked and the air ambulance is in attendance, in fact it has just flown over Near Sawrey.

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