Near Sawrey

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Despite a bad forecast the weather has been sunny and warm with just the one shower late in the afternoon and that was very local as it did not rain in Hawkshead.

We had a couple of blog readers turn up from Canada today, they are without a car and luckily the place they stayed in last night they met a couple from the same area of Canada and in fact although they did not know each other they did have mutual friends, small world!! Anyway they got a lift over this morning.

The postman brought a card from the sorting office this morning to tell me there was a letter with not enough postage on waiting at the sorting office, it was 70p short on the postage and to retrieve it I had to either drive to Windermere and pay £1.70, the extra £1 was a handling charge, or put £1.70 worth of stamps on the card, post the card and the postman will bring the letter tomorrow. Is it me or would it have been easier and cheaper if the postman brought the card and asked for the missing 70p. I would not be surprised if the said letter turns out to be junk mail.

We had a good walk through the woods after we finished tonight.

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