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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

First the good news, Norman who had the mishap yesterday is apparently back home and recovering from his accident.
The sunny weather shows no sign of changing I wonder if the Bank Holiday will bring the rain.

I heard a funny thing in the tea garden today, an Aussie family with two toddlers arrived for tea and the kids were giving them a bit of a hard time, every time I took something to the table for the adults the kids whinged "I wanted that" it was when I took a toasted tea cake one of the kids chirped up "aw mom I wanted a hamburger as well"

The clematis is coming to it's best in the yew tree at Buckle Yeat.

Matthew has headed to see Sarah at Lancaster for a couple of days, me and Helen had a walk up to the tarns before tea.

Helen and her mum tried a new recipe for biscuits today they are called melting moments and they are very moreish, is that a word or have I made it up!

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pam wilkinson said...

Your pictures are so lovely. We will be staying at Buckle Yeat May 15, 16 so are keeping our fingers crossed that the warm, sunny weather holds on.

That funny parking picture a few weeks back cemented our decision not to rent a car!

See you soon,

Pam and Al Wilkinson
Ontario, Canada