Near Sawrey

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miss Potter mania in Near Sawrey today, lines of stationary traffic through the village as the ferry unloads and the cars attempt to drive on to Hawkshead, those wishing to visit the house wait in line but then those who want to go straight through the village have to take a chance and drive on the wrong side of the road, we did see the police arrive at one point but we are not sure if it was a chance visit or someone had rang them. It is ironic that 20 years ago when we had plans submitted to renovate Buckle Yeat one of the objections was the amount of traffic we would attract to the village!!

Up to Moss Eccles before tea, we took longer than planned because we got talking to Parky who was cutting the grass at the Tarn Hill playground. He was telling us that he was there with his family a couple of weeks ago having a picnic and saw about 40 families come and go without donating any money to the upkeep. I think a new money box and sign is needed.

We then had a chat to Gary on his way to pick up a dead sheep then we met his daughter Amy and had a quick chat with her.

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